On The Firing Lines

Sons of Guns Red Jacket in Trouble and Vince Leaves

December 23rd, 2011 · 66 Comments · WTF

I don’t watch the show regularly but from what Ive seen Vince is the only real Gunsmith in the whole shop.

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  • Hanktt

    I noticed on Red Jacket’s web site Vince is missing from the staff photo. Seems Vince has packed his bags. The daughter and Kris are by far the weakest links on the show and I don’t blame Vince. Vince seems more focused and dedicated to business while Kris and the daughter play around like spoiled kids on the show.

  • Biggypappa

    Vince, didnt man up. Like he should have. Is he a talented gunsmith? Yes. Is he a man ? Not in my book. Show soap opera aside. Does not change the fact that he acted like a baby. Not a man.

  • glock-n-schpeil19

    i think vince is a great gunsmith, will is a douchbag and kris is well an imbred hick who happens to bang the bosses daughter….(kris eat shit) yassss sir……but steph is kinda cute, i would love to see that dude from highschool she gave the discount to fuck her all over kris bench…and kris cry and stomp his feet and say will make it stop…oh and the biggest load of shit was when will said that redjacket means his indian ancestors….i did some research rjf means no license in indian….fucking tools

  • Hdjdjdj

    Try commas from time to time

  • Hyda_scarface

    Excatly! I have been reading all these dumb ass coments for about 10 mins now and this is the only one that has any real common sense. Did will act like a dick sometimes…yea how many people have a boss that isn’t a dick sometimes? I like the show for what it is. A family run american business so I’m gonna support that.

  • Ntd_lg

    I miss u on the show vince

  • Charles Jones

    Been in the Army for a while, and I see treatment like this on a daily basis. Squared away Soldier with plenty of experience/ years under his belt get’s pushed to the side by the new inexperienced brown nose and get’s the royal treatment by the Company First Sergeant. Funny thing is, Will was in the military, and he is playing this card with no shame whatsoever, I would have done the same thing Vince did, only a lot sooner.

  • what a crock

    Vince is the only guy who knows what he is doing there. I would want him to do any work on my firearms if I had a choice. He is the man. And what’s up with Chris bad mouthing him for shipping a gun that has powder residue? Didn’t I see Will and some other guy fire rounds off in a barrel just before Chris showed how dirty the gun was? How is that Vince’s fault? 

  • Wasabi101

    Vince just jealous because he wants piece of steph’s pie for long time

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KK4IOW7KTG5QSWQTCOFOUMLOPY Charles

    vince should hire flem i would watch that show  im sick of that goober kris

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KK4IOW7KTG5QSWQTCOFOUMLOPY Charles

    is it me or does stephanie has the most annoying voice

  • http://gun.ly/ Babylon Bukkshott

    This show sucks ass. I still watch it because its about guns but there is a much better show called “American Guns” on Discovery. Not as soap-oprey

  • daniel

    just wacth american guns if you dont like this show

  • Damnright

    As any employer knows, you treat good employees with respect. Vince got little, and Kris is manipulating them all, including Will. Yes sir.

  • shannon olson

    We are new to watching Sons of Guns, via Netflix. Currently watching season 2, one can already see the build between Vince and Will. I have come to respect Vince, he seems like an honest good guy. Will on the other hand is quite a challenge at best. I am not surprised to see Vince has left, I really hope it wasn’t a set up but often the good guy gets the short end- but only temporarily. Godspeed Vince!

  • londonmark6969 .

    never mind all that, can Steph suck cock?